Family friendly dining

What is Stonegrill TM ?

With the meat trimmed of fat and no oil used in the cooking process Stonegrill TM is one of the healthiest methods of cooking, it’s popularity is featured in hundreds of restaurants world-wide.

Presented to the table on a 400°c volcanic stone your meat is cooked to your personal taste. As with all Stonegrill restaurants we guarantee the standard of quality in our meals you will come to expect these standards elsewhere.

Stonegrill dining enables patrons to enjoy a meal freshly grilled to personal taste, whether it be rare, medium or well done.

When a Stonegrill TM meal is presented at the table, diner simply turns over their Stonegrill TM selection, then cut and side-lay a portion or two, allowing these to sear and cook to their liking.

Their meal remains hot and enjoyable, as the natural volcanic stone retains a prime cooking temperature for 30 minutes, allowing diners to eat at leisure, with every bite as hot and delicious as the first.

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The National Heart Foundations around the world support the use of low fat cooking techniques such as the Stonegrill TM Method.